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Helpful resources on other websites:

  • Adopt-A-Pet – We not only list our adoptable dogs through Adopt-A-Pet but they also provide useful information for pet owners. We are proud to be an Adopt-A-Pet approved rescue.
  • Pet Finder
  • U S Wolf Refuge & Adoption Center – See Who Else Loves Animals As Much As We Do!
    We have the utmost respect for wolves and the amazing folks at the US Wolf Refuge who work tirelessly to rescue wolves and wolf hybrids. Please visit their website to see what this organization is all about and consider helping them out financially.

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  1. Been trying to view the adoptable dogs recently but can’t seem to get there any way to get a hold of you wit h out email??I am not a very tech savvy person…I was able to see some dogs last week on ur website but have been unable to get. Into it again..I am actively searching .

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