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    You will need to provide pictures of your yard, fencing and any other outside areas that a dog might have access to. The application is not considered complete until the pictures are received. Email pictures to or text pictures to 925-308-6221.

    How did you learn about Throw Me A Bone Dog Rescue? (required)

    CURRENT AND PAST PET HISTORY - Please include all pets for the past five years. Let us know if you need more room.

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    In case none of the animals you listed are available, please answer the following so that we may assist you in finding the perfect match:
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    Other important characteristics you are looking for:

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        By submitting this application I/we certify that all information provided herein is true and correct and false information will void the adoption application and contract.

        I/we understand that submission of the application does NOT commit me/us to a pet adoption nor does it guarantee that I/we will be approved to adopt an animal.

        I/we understand that there is a tax-deductible adoption fee between $350 and $500 (or higher depending on size and breed) if approved to adopt a dog.

        I/we agree to sign a hard copy of the application at a later date.

        I/we understand that this application is not considered complete until I/we have sent in pictures of our yard and fence line, and other areas such as patios or balconies where the animal might be kept or have access to. Email pictures to or text pictures to 925-308-6221.